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Who We Are...

The six musicians who made up Fretomology started on their journey together in 2013. Brad (bass), Lance (lead guitar & vocals) and Lonnie (mandolin, congas & vocals) had known each other forever and played together for years. Kenny (rhythm guitar & vocals) and Scott (drums & vocals) were newer to town and happy to find a musical home with the others. Ron (keyboards) added texture and virtuoso soloing, and suddenly Fretomology was complete. As with most musical groups, Fretomology has evolved over time. Some of the founding musicians have moved on, allowing others to participate in Fretomology's founding principals of having fun as a Jam Band and entertaining others while raising funds for the community through donating all proceeds to not-for-profit charities. Danny (drums) and Mark (bass) are currently rounding out the classic sound that Fretomology has become associated with.

The musical focus is on classic seventies rock from iconic artists like Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones. Fretomology’s bluesy Americana sensibility shines through in songs from Marshall Tucker, Little Feat and the Allman Brothers.

But Fretomology is about more than the music. The band members, keenly aware of all their community has done for them over the years, decided that it’s important not just to entertain, but to give back. So Fretomology donates 100% of their proceeds to charity. This creates a “win-win-win” situation: Fretomology's clients win by writing a check directly to a charity of Fretomology's choice. The charity wins by receiving a donation that wasn't expected. And Fretomology wins by playing great music, entertaining amazing crowds and making a difference in our community.

Rock on. Do good.