Lonnie Slone

Lonnie Slone grew up in Brooklyn at a time where the Mandolin was about as popular as deep dish pizza, ice-fishing and the Dallas Cowboys. He was nonetheless determined to play in a band and figured there’d be little competition in the lineup.  He quickly rose through the ranks in the Jewish bluegrass instrument players community where rivalry amongst the three of them was fierce. After realizing that if he put on a hat and sunglasses he looked cool enough for no one to care if he was really playing or not, he’s been an essential ingredient to the Fretomology sound.

Steven Thorne

steven thorne


Steven Thorne was born into an affluent southern aristocratic family but was shunned when the family caught him playing the devils jazz music in the colored night clubs. He then followed his dreams only to find munchies and bastard children.

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Lance Epstein

Lance Epstein became a Fret  when 3 guys with nothing better to do got together on Thursday nights to play 70’s rock music.  His style was honed on the back streets of Meadowbrook Terrace in Norfolk, Virginia, known for its gritty, soulful blues and flourished in the late 70’s at Jefferson’s, University of Virginia, in Charlottesville.  He now resides in Richmond, hoping for high speed rail to connect Richmond to the Tidewater area.